Revlon Cream Blush in Pinched

blush set

I’ve had this product for a couple of months now so I thought it was time I reviewed it. First of all, the colour is a peachy-nude which I really love as the other blush I mainly wear is a lot more pinky so I think this a great alternative if you want something a little more subtle. It goes great if you are wearing red lipstick and just want a bit of colour on your cheeks. As it is a cream blush it is very easy to blend it in with your make-up and the colour is definitely build-able. The swatch above was achieved with a couple of ‘coats’ (not really the right word, i know!)

The only downside to it is the fat that it is a cream blush, personally I’m just not a huge fan of cream blush. I prefer powder ones but decided to try out this as I had been looking for a colour like this one for so long! However in saying this, the Revlon cream blush may have won me over as I’m now keen to try some more cream blushes. If you are looking for a soft peachy blush, definitely give this one a go.

Are you a fan of cream blushes? Let me know your tips and tricks! 

Mae x


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