Boa: Detoxifying Mask


Boa (Botanics of Australia) is a brand that I has just discovered at Kmart. I picked up this face mask as I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and it was only $3 (yes, thats right, $3!) The mask is said to revive your skin and the “extracts of Tasmanian kelp help nourish and stimulate the micro-polish in the skin helping to restore the skins balance”. Basically it is a good general mask that will give your skin a nice clean. After using it I do notice that my skin feels a lot softer and my complexion is much ‘brighter’ which I believe is from the kelp as it is high in vitamins as well as amino acids. I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed any dramatic benefits from using this product but I wasn’t really expecting to. It is a good mask that can put some extra vitamins in your skin and would be great to go in between the days/weeks of maybe using a more intense or specified mask. I am a big fan of masks as I think they are fun to put on especially when you’re having a girly beauty night and this one is a good face mask for general use that is so cheap it is definitely worth giving a go.

Have you tied any other Boa products? What are your favourite face masks? 

Mae x


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