Obsessing Over: The Transparent Clutch




Transparent clutches have been all over the fashion scene recently and I just cant get enough! I first saw Rosie Fortescue feature one on her style blog, who is my latest style crush by the way, and I instantly new I had to have one for myself! (Check the post out here). They’re not an everyday accessory as you cant put lots of items in them and everyone will see what your are carry around so keep that in mind! It doesn’t look like the likes of Glassons and Dotti have cottoned on to this trend but there are plenty of online stores and top designers that have. If your like me and don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on something you wont be wearing everyday, then I suggest looking on etsy or ebay, I’ve just spied a clutch on ebay for about $20 so I’m hovering over that ‘buy now’ button!

Will you be rocking the transparent clutch this year? I surely will!

Mae x


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