Weekend Wishlist

Here as the things that I am wishing I had at the moment!


Wishing I was wearing..

Wetlook Biker Leggings – Evolution Clothing. Evolution clothing is just up the road from where I live, and I always love to have a look online. I saw these leggings on their website however and I think they would be the perfect addition for my wardrobe!

OPI Nailpolish in ‘Mod About You’I have wanted this for a long time, but have never got around to buying it. I saw it in Farmers the other day and my need for it has increased!

Stripe Top – GlassonsYet another item of clothing that I really want, but definitely don’t need! I would wear this with black jeans or over a skater dress.

Wishing I was using…

iPhone 5I think I am the only person who doesn’t own an iphone, and this week for some reason, I really feel like I am missing out #firstworldproblems (hashtags in blogs?) I am going to start saving asap.

What are you loving at the moment?

Mae x


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