Spring Nail Art

Spring is officially in full bloom so here is some nail art inspiration on how to update your nails this spring!



I opted to go for a lime green base so used Maebelline Mini Colo Rama in ‘Green Park’. It has a really lovely mint green tone to it and was the first nail polish that caught my eye when I went hunting through my collection for spring colours.

This nail polish is also really easy to put on, it only needs about a couple of coats to get this shade. I’ve got a few colours from this range so would definitely recommend them!

I then used two Orly nail polishes to the spotted nail art. The yellow shade is called ‘Lemonade’ and the lavender is called ‘Lollipop.’ Both of them are really lovely pastel shades that are just perfect for spring!

In terms of the application of the nail art, all I did was get a little of the polish on the brush and just dot my nail. It’s as easy as that!


L-R: Orly in ‘Lemonade’, Maybelline Mini Colo Rama in ‘Green Park’, Orly in ‘Lollipop’

What do you love about spring? Do you like to change up your nails for the seasons?


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