Top 5: Tips for Travelling


With summer on its way and the New Year in sight, now is the perfect time to plan your holidays. I was lucky enough to travel to Scotland and England for 6 weeks this year and it was one of the best experiences of my life.  To say the least, I’ve caught the travel bug. After I got back and re-told my awesome stories, I realised that I have learnt a fair few tips for travelling, so here’s my top 5.

1. Keep a diary of how much you are spending:
I can’t stress enough how much this will help you, especially if you are going to be overseas for a long period of time. Work out how much spending money you have each day ($100NZD is a good guide to work around).  Then take note on how much you actually spend each day. It will be a big help in the long run! If you can see that you spent a little less some days, when it comes to the shopping days you can go a little crazier. This way you won’t get to the end of your trip and be scraping together some cash, and you can still indulge on those got-to-have-it necessities!

2. Make a list of items you want to buy:
Coming from New Zealand means there are going to be a lot of brands that you will be able to get your hands on when you are overseas. And the shops in America and the UK can get a little overwhelming , did anyone say shoe level? It’s fine to have some fun and spend the money you saved up so long for, but if there is a particular Zara bag or Nars blush that you have been lusting after for ages, write it down and make sure you buy it. Trust me, you don’t want to come home to realise you bought a whole bunch of stuff you like, but nothing you’d been dreaming of finally owning.

3. Research, Research, Research:
When travelling to big cities, there are so many different activities you can do, with multiple providers. Before you go, do a bit of research and look in to what the top attractions are for each city you’re going to, it could even be places you want to shop or eat. Find out what different companies offer similar trips and work out what one you like the sound of the most. Make a list of your top 5 activities and take it along with you. Then once you get to your destination, plan them out. In big cities like London, New York or Paris it is easy to get lost in the hype and wonder around for days, which can be fun! But just make sure you do some of the activities you planned to do #noregrets.

4. Buy Duty Free before you fly:
If you are planning on picking up some goodies Duty Free then seriously consider buying them online before you fly, I wish I had of! By the time you get off the plane and find your next departure gate there can often by not a lot time to find what you need. I went duty free shopping on my way back to NZ but by then I was so tired that I rushed around trying to find what I wanted and ended up buying the wrong perfume for my sister. If you’ve got particular products in mind, head to and purchase them there, without the added stress of not wanting to miss your flight. I’m definitely going to do this next time I fly!

5. Relax, have fun!
You’ve saved up all your pennies and now it’s time to get on the plane and make some unforgettable memories! Don’t stress, some things won’t run as smoothly as you would of hoped but that’s all part of the fun. Make sure you see the sights you’ve always wanted to, but do some spontaneous outings as well. Make friends with locals and other tourists along the way. And have the time of your life!

If you’re considering going abroad, do it! There are some great specials over on Webjet at the moment so what are you waiting for? 



What’s On My Face: Spring Edition


Over the last few weeks I’ve found that I’ve been reaching for these items over and over again. This combination of products has become my go-to look for work and general life really!

Chi Chi BB Cream:

I used to keep my BB cream for summer or for when I only wanted a light coverage. However I’ve been trying to wear a little less make-up these days and I’ve found that this BB cream has worked really well for me. You can definitely still achieve medium coverage with this when combined with a concealer and powder and I love the colour of this one as it seems to match my skin colour perfectly. It also gives you a nice dewy look, just what I need on early Monday mornings!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer:

This concealer was a blogger inspired purchase, I feel that it has been reviewed plenty of times over the years so I won’t go in to too much detail as I don’t feel much more can be said really. Except that I am so glad I purchased it, it covers up any redness or spots well and is definitely worth the hype!

Collection 5-in-1 Mascara:

I picked this mascara up at the same time as my concealer as I’d seen Shaanxo rave about it in a video. I can be quite fussy when it comes to mascara as I have quite a few eyelashes and they can clump easily, so I’m always a bit nervous when it comes to straying away from my old faves! I do like this mascara though, it gives me a lot of length and when applied carefully it won’t clump. My tip would be to make sure you don’t get any left behind on your eyelids (I’m prone to doing this!) as it doesn’t come off very easily!

Sephora Collection Blush in Romantic Rose
This blush has been a staple in my make-up for most of this year. It’s a really nice natural pink shade that is great to add just a touch of colour to your cheeks! You don’t need a lot of product with blush which makes it stand out against other ‘cheaper’ brands.

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme Cup
I’ve only had this lipstick for about a month but I can quickly see it becoming my go-to choice. It gives a light nude-pink colour, making it a great everyday lipstick that will go with so many looks. Just by building up the colour, you can achieve a really nice creamy, shimmery look and it almost becomes gloss-like! It also smells delicious #addedbonus.

L’Oreal Infalible Powder:
I’ve been loving this powder on top of my BB Cream to set my look and make it more durable during a long days work. I’m not sure if it lives up to it’s 24hour selling point, but it does offer great coverage for the working day, which is really all I need it for as I’m happy to touch up my make up if I’m heading out after work.


What products have you been loving lately, I’d love to know!


Spring Look Book


Slogan Tee – CO by Cotton On 
Clutch – Cotton On
Grey Coat – Pagan Marie Boutique
Shorts – Cotton On
Trousers – Glassons
Pineapple Jar – Typo
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Daylight saving has officially begun, and for me that means I can actually start looking forward to spring and summer. This year I’m going to try and inject a little more colour in my wardrobe, particularly with blue and some pastels for spring. Blue shades are my pick for the colour of SS14 and I love it contrasted against crisp white or a marl grey.

Nearly all of these pieces are from Cotton On, it just turned out that way! I do think that Cotton On has really stepped up their game recently. There are so many on-trend pieces that are super affordable, it’s probably my favourite ‘high street’ store at the moment, so definitely check it out if you haven’t had a look in a while.

What are you picks for spring?


Nude Nails


I’m loving all things nude lately, nails included. I’m blaming Kylie Jenner and her popular nude lips. (Check out my mood board dedicated to her style). 

My favourite nude shade at the moment would have to be this one from Kate Moss’ range for Rimmel. It’s called Soul Sessions and it definitely lives up to its name. It’s a classic beige colour with a hint of blush in it to give you that little bit of soul that everyone needs in their life. The nail polish glides on easily with a nice wide brush, and you only need about two coats to create this look.

What do you think of nude nails?


Check It


Skit – New Look
Fluffy jumper- New Look
Shoes – Primark
Black Tee – Dotti

Last weekend I caught up with friend for the classic Sunday brunch, it was a typical windy and cold day in Auckland but I really liked this outfit.

Most of this outfit is from the UK (sorry!) but I’m sure similar skirts will be around in the NZ high street stores, if not at the moment, definitely some time soon. New Look and Primark were one of my favourite UK stores, both of them have some really affordable fashion and so much variety. I slightly prefer New Look as I think they had a lot more of ‘my style’, seriously, I could of bought the whole store! It was very hard to say no.

I think the classic monochrome theme to this outfit is so versatile, just through on some heels and you can take it from day to night!

I’m Back!

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve even looked at my blog but I’ve just come back from being overseas for 6 weeks (post on that to come) and I’m feeling re-inspired to get in to blogging again!

So let’s see how this goes!maebelline-sign-off


Mini Haul

Mini Haul

Earlier in March in was my birthday (21st to be exact!) and I was lucky enough to get some money to treat myself to some special things. So of course, I went shopping!

I have been in desperate need of a handbag and I’d had my eye on this one from Glassons for a while so I thought I should buy it as I can be pretty picky when it comes to handbags and this was almost exactley what I’ve been looking for! Stay tuned for a ‘what’s in my bag’ post coming up soon..

Now that it’s really starting to feel like Autumn I though it was about time that I invested in some new slippers. I picked up these ones from Number One Shoes for only $10. Apart from my previous pair, I only ever by leopard print slippers, it’s like my little ‘thing’ so of course I absolutely love these.

I then picked up this quilted top with leather sleeves from Valley Girl, which isn’t a shop I regularly shop in but I’d recommend taking a look as they have quite a few on-trend pieces that can be quite a bit cheaper than other stores. I’ve really fallen in love with the ‘quiltered’ or ‘textured’ trend at the moment, I give Lily Melrose all the credit for that one. I think this top will be great for winter as it’s a lot warmer than you think and it can easily be worn to work with black pants and heels or dressed down in the weekend.

Lastly, I got this stripe crop top from Cotton On. This wasn’t something on my ‘need’ list but definitely on my ‘want list’. If you saw last week’s post all about my obsession with Kylie Jenner’s style you’ll know I’m all about the crop tops. I’ve already paired it with high-wasted pants and heels for a night out, worn it with my boyfriend jeans for a super cool relax-vibe outfit and  I know it will look great with a leather high-waisted skirt.


Style Crush: Kylie Jenner


If someone asked me who my ‘celebrity style crush’ was, i’d definitely have to say Kylie Jenner. She’s got a great mixture of classic pieces, paired with totally on-trend 90’s vibe items. I’m always inspired my what she wears on KUWTK and she has an awesome tumblr that I love to scroll through when I’ve got time. Not to mention the new shorter ‘lob’ with that dark ombre colour.. Let’s just say I’ve got a bit of a girl crush! (Feels weird saying it when I’m younger than her though..)

It’s really easy to add a touch of this style in to you wardrobe, just think a pair of ripped jeans, a touch of leather and a cropped tee and that’s just about it!

I’ve put together a collage of my favourite pieces for you to inject a little Kylie Jenner in your life. I may already have a few of these items and the rest are pretty much on my ‘I need this’ list. Enjoy!



Clockwise from left: Cropped tee from Cotton On, Leather pants from Wild Pair, Chelsea Boots from ASOS, Beanie from Cotton OnLeather skirt from Wild Pair, Maybelline lipstick in Neon Red, Marc Jacons ‘Amy’ watch, Coat from Forever New, Sunglasses from Wild Pair, Grey T-shirt dress from Boohoo and Ripped jeans from ASOS.

Who’s your style crush?


Mae’s Picks: The Pink Coat


If there is one thing you need to have this AW14 it’s a pink coat. For months I’ve been lusting over all of the UK and American bloggers snuggling up in their pink coat and I knew that come winter time, I HAD to have one!

Finally, they are starting to pop up in New Zealand stores! So I’ve hunted for my top picks of ‘The Pink Coat’.

Firstly there’s the pastel pink option from Dotti which comes in at around $140 NZD. Then I’ve found a slightly cheaper version from Forever New as it’s more like $100 NZD. If you prefer the classic double-breasted coats then this is your winner but for me I’d prefer a more modern version that’s a bit closer to that Topshop one.

EziBuy also have their own pink coat, and I really like the slightly brighter colour and style of this one. It is the most expensive, coming in at $150. However, did have an option that was almost a perfect match for me but of course it’s sold out so I haven’t featured it here. I’m still crossing my fingers it comes back but my eye is also on that EziBuy one!

Have you spied any pink coats that I have seen? I’d love to know!


Vo5 Refresh me Quick Dry Shampoo

photo 1

Vo5 Refresh me Quick Dry Shampoo
$9 from Countdown.

Dry shampoos are have made quite the buzz in the haircare scene, and especially in the bloggersphere. So of course, I’ve tried my fair share of them!

Like a lot of people, I’ve mainly stuck to the Batiste range but as I’m going to the UK later in the year I’ve become quite the ‘babe on a budget’ so I decided to try out Vo5’s dry shampoo as it was cheaper to start off it, and it was on special. Need I say more?

I’m super happy I decided to give this a go, it may just even be better than Batiste (did I just say that?!). In terms of giving greasy roots a pick me up, I think this product is just about on par with other dry shampoos. The only downside is that I feel it doesn’t last quite as long or you need a bit more product.

But the major bonus for me is that I reckon v05’s version doesn’t leave as much ‘whiteness’ in your hair -you know what I’m talking about! No one likes to look like a granny with white streaks, and many dry shampoos do this but I’ve found this not to be as much of a big deal when using V05. It can still happen, just not as much!

It smells delicious, maybe not quite as good as Batiste’s cherry one but if you’re after a cheaper dry shampoo I’d definitely give V05 ago!