Live Blog: Westfield Styling Session

I’m currently at Westfield Newmarket where I’m with my Mum as she is getting styled by the lovely Coby Haimes!

I’m having a great time and learning a lot! For example if you are petite and are short choose outfits that show a little skin around the neck your chest and your ankles. This will make you appear taller!



September Favourites

September has honestly gone by so fast! Unfortunately it has consisted mostly of university work for me, I’ve only got about a month left to go and then I’ll finish my degree. Scary! But here are the things that I have loved during September.


Australis Pressed Powder:
As I’ve been fairly busy this past month, my daily make up routine has become very rushed. There have been many mornings that I have quickly applied my foundation, but I have found that it has still stayed on the whole day with the help of this little beauty! It helps with coverage, controls any shine and can easily be worn alone or over BB cream.

Tangle Teezer:
This is probably my ultimate favourite. Seriously, if you don’t have a tangle teaser, go get one now! I constantly have knotty hair and this has really done the trick with trying to keep my hair tangle free. I always used to forget to brush my hair (not good, I know) but now I have something that works I’ve been much better at using it! 

I Love… Raspberry and Blackberry Body Butter:
Even though September saw the arrival of spring, my hands still felt like it was winter. This body butter has been living beside my bed and it has really helped my dry hands. It also smells soooo delicious! Think berry smoothie and you’re right on track.

What are your September favourites? Comment below!

Spring Lookbook

Spring Lookbook
This is my latest outfit inspiration. After buying some jellies recently I have been thinking about how to style them, this is just one of the many outfits that I need in my life!
If you are wondering how to achieve this look (and are from New Zealand) there are jellies almost identical to these in Wildpair and a very similar skater dress in Cotton On. In terms of the denim jacket, I haven’t spied one quite as good as this (it’s from H&M), but I’m on the look out! The red lipstick featured here is from Rimmel so Farmers will definitely have you sorted!
What do you think of this outfit? 
Mae x

Spring Nail Art

Spring is officially in full bloom so here is some nail art inspiration on how to update your nails this spring!



I opted to go for a lime green base so used Maebelline Mini Colo Rama in ‘Green Park’. It has a really lovely mint green tone to it and was the first nail polish that caught my eye when I went hunting through my collection for spring colours.

This nail polish is also really easy to put on, it only needs about a couple of coats to get this shade. I’ve got a few colours from this range so would definitely recommend them!

I then used two Orly nail polishes to the spotted nail art. The yellow shade is called ‘Lemonade’ and the lavender is called ‘Lollipop.’ Both of them are really lovely pastel shades that are just perfect for spring!

In terms of the application of the nail art, all I did was get a little of the polish on the brush and just dot my nail. It’s as easy as that!


L-R: Orly in ‘Lemonade’, Maybelline Mini Colo Rama in ‘Green Park’, Orly in ‘Lollipop’

What do you love about spring? Do you like to change up your nails for the seasons?

Weekend Wishlist

This weekend’s wish list is all about looking to the new season (spring!) and having a little relaxation and indulgence. 


Wishing I was wearing…

Floral Print trousers from ASOS. I spotted these on llymlrs’s blog the other day and I feel in love. Luckily for me they are from ASOS, so I am actually able to buy them. At $85 they are not too expensive and would be great for spring /summer. I’d pair them with plain white tee and maybe a leather jacket if needed. Chunky black heels would work well too!

Jellies from Rubi Shoes. The fact that things that I wore as a kid are coming back in fashion is a little scary but, I loved jellies back in the day and I still love them now! These black jellies are only $15, an absolute score in my opinion! I almost bought them last night but have decided to wait until the weather is a little warmer, although wearing them with frilly socks is a big trend at the moment!

Wishing I was reading…

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I saw the movie a couple of months ago and I fell in love to say the least! The fashion, the parties, the music and the storyline – I loved it all. Plus, it has Leo in it, need I say more? I wanted to read the book before the movie came out but never got the chance to, since I am on my mid-semester break I think this will be the next book I read. How cool is this cover? Not sure if I’ll find that one at Whitcoulls..

Wishing I was eating…

Cronots from Takapuna Beach Cafe. If you haven’t heard about cronots then go do some googling pronto. Mixed between a croissant and a doughnut, cronuts are the next cupcake. These ones are called cronots by they are pretty much the same thing. Jo raved about them in her Hot Five on nzgirl a couple of weeks ago and I have been craving one ever since! There is only one place in Auckland that makes them, and I can’t wait to go there!

What’s on your wish list at the moment? Have a good weekend!

Mae x

Weekend Wishlist

Here as the things that I am wishing I had at the moment!


Wishing I was wearing..

Wetlook Biker Leggings – Evolution Clothing. Evolution clothing is just up the road from where I live, and I always love to have a look online. I saw these leggings on their website however and I think they would be the perfect addition for my wardrobe!

OPI Nailpolish in ‘Mod About You’I have wanted this for a long time, but have never got around to buying it. I saw it in Farmers the other day and my need for it has increased!

Stripe Top – GlassonsYet another item of clothing that I really want, but definitely don’t need! I would wear this with black jeans or over a skater dress.

Wishing I was using…

iPhone 5I think I am the only person who doesn’t own an iphone, and this week for some reason, I really feel like I am missing out #firstworldproblems (hashtags in blogs?) I am going to start saving asap.

What are you loving at the moment?

Mae x

Obsessing Over: The Transparent Clutch




Transparent clutches have been all over the fashion scene recently and I just cant get enough! I first saw Rosie Fortescue feature one on her style blog, who is my latest style crush by the way, and I instantly new I had to have one for myself! (Check the post out here). They’re not an everyday accessory as you cant put lots of items in them and everyone will see what your are carry around so keep that in mind! It doesn’t look like the likes of Glassons and Dotti have cottoned on to this trend but there are plenty of online stores and top designers that have. If your like me and don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on something you wont be wearing everyday, then I suggest looking on etsy or ebay, I’ve just spied a clutch on ebay for about $20 so I’m hovering over that ‘buy now’ button!

Will you be rocking the transparent clutch this year? I surely will!

Mae x

Collective Fashion Haul

Here is a few of the items that I have bought over the last few weeks!

collage (1)

001. Printed Shirt – Cotton on ($40). I fell in love with the print and just had to buy it. It looks great with black jeans and tucked in to skirts. I also really like that you don’t have to worry about wearing anything underneath as most of my other blouse’s are see-through.

002. Lace socks – Glassons ($7). Have been wanting to get some lace socks for so long and these are such a great deal. There are lots of other colours too so check them out.

003. Chelsea Boots – Boohoo ($75). Another item that I have been wanting to buy for while. These are perfect for winter and are reasonably comfy once your sort of ‘break them in.’ I’m loving them with turned up jeans/pants and leggings paired with the lace socks!

004. Draped Jogger Pants– Dotti ($50). Probably my favourite purchase- as soon as I saw them I fell in love. I’ve really got in to the monochrome trend and these are a perfect edition. I wore them out to town last week paired with some bright green heels and a white shirt. On the website they are made them look really casual but I would definitely dress them up more- but thats just me.

005. Striped Long Sleeved Top- Dotti ($26). This is just a good casual staple item for your wardrobe. It goes with almost anything and I really like stripes at the moment!

006. Black Chain Collar Necklace – Lovisa ($30). As I work at Lovisa, I’m always buying something new to add to my huge collection and I think this is a really great piece that is very versatile. Because it is black it can be worn with lots of different looks without being too OTT.

 What are your picks for autumn this year?

Mae x

Boa: Detoxifying Mask


Boa (Botanics of Australia) is a brand that I has just discovered at Kmart. I picked up this face mask as I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and it was only $3 (yes, thats right, $3!) The mask is said to revive your skin and the “extracts of Tasmanian kelp help nourish and stimulate the micro-polish in the skin helping to restore the skins balance”. Basically it is a good general mask that will give your skin a nice clean. After using it I do notice that my skin feels a lot softer and my complexion is much ‘brighter’ which I believe is from the kelp as it is high in vitamins as well as amino acids. I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed any dramatic benefits from using this product but I wasn’t really expecting to. It is a good mask that can put some extra vitamins in your skin and would be great to go in between the days/weeks of maybe using a more intense or specified mask. I am a big fan of masks as I think they are fun to put on especially when you’re having a girly beauty night and this one is a good face mask for general use that is so cheap it is definitely worth giving a go.

Have you tied any other Boa products? What are your favourite face masks? 

Mae x

Revlon Cream Blush in Pinched

blush set

I’ve had this product for a couple of months now so I thought it was time I reviewed it. First of all, the colour is a peachy-nude which I really love as the other blush I mainly wear is a lot more pinky so I think this a great alternative if you want something a little more subtle. It goes great if you are wearing red lipstick and just want a bit of colour on your cheeks. As it is a cream blush it is very easy to blend it in with your make-up and the colour is definitely build-able. The swatch above was achieved with a couple of ‘coats’ (not really the right word, i know!)

The only downside to it is the fat that it is a cream blush, personally I’m just not a huge fan of cream blush. I prefer powder ones but decided to try out this as I had been looking for a colour like this one for so long! However in saying this, the Revlon cream blush may have won me over as I’m now keen to try some more cream blushes. If you are looking for a soft peachy blush, definitely give this one a go.

Are you a fan of cream blushes? Let me know your tips and tricks! 

Mae x