Nude Nails


I’m loving all things nude lately, nails included. I’m blaming Kylie Jenner and her popular nude lips. (Check out my mood board dedicated to her style). 

My favourite nude shade at the moment would have to be this one from Kate Moss’ range for Rimmel. It’s called Soul Sessions and it definitely lives up to its name. It’s a classic beige colour with a hint of blush in it to give you that little bit of soul that everyone needs in their life. The nail polish glides on easily with a nice wide brush, and you only need about two coats to create this look.

What do you think of nude nails?



Boa: Detoxifying Mask


Boa (Botanics of Australia) is a brand that I has just discovered at Kmart. I picked up this face mask as I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and it was only $3 (yes, thats right, $3!) The mask is said to revive your skin and the “extracts of Tasmanian kelp help nourish and stimulate the micro-polish in the skin helping to restore the skins balance”. Basically it is a good general mask that will give your skin a nice clean. After using it I do notice that my skin feels a lot softer and my complexion is much ‘brighter’ which I believe is from the kelp as it is high in vitamins as well as amino acids. I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed any dramatic benefits from using this product but I wasn’t really expecting to. It is a good mask that can put some extra vitamins in your skin and would be great to go in between the days/weeks of maybe using a more intense or specified mask. I am a big fan of masks as I think they are fun to put on especially when you’re having a girly beauty night and this one is a good face mask for general use that is so cheap it is definitely worth giving a go.

Have you tied any other Boa products? What are your favourite face masks? 

Mae x

Revlon Cream Blush in Pinched

blush set

I’ve had this product for a couple of months now so I thought it was time I reviewed it. First of all, the colour is a peachy-nude which I really love as the other blush I mainly wear is a lot more pinky so I think this a great alternative if you want something a little more subtle. It goes great if you are wearing red lipstick and just want a bit of colour on your cheeks. As it is a cream blush it is very easy to blend it in with your make-up and the colour is definitely build-able. The swatch above was achieved with a couple of ‘coats’ (not really the right word, i know!)

The only downside to it is the fat that it is a cream blush, personally I’m just not a huge fan of cream blush. I prefer powder ones but decided to try out this as I had been looking for a colour like this one for so long! However in saying this, the Revlon cream blush may have won me over as I’m now keen to try some more cream blushes. If you are looking for a soft peachy blush, definitely give this one a go.

Are you a fan of cream blushes? Let me know your tips and tricks! 

Mae x

Rimmel 9-in1 BB Cream


When I first got this product I wan’t a fan, however after using it for about a month I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks and now I’ve started using it as a foundation alternative. I have really loved using it during the summer when I want to cover up a few things but don’t want a full face of make up.
The main thing I have found with this BB cream is that it goes on much better and lasts longer when applied with a foundation brush. The formula is much more creamy and a little thicker and when I use my fingers to apply it I find it just doesn’t blend well and sit right on my skin. It does only come in light medium and dark which may be a bit annoying for some, however the shade is pretty good for me compared to other bb creams. When you first apply it, it may look a little dark but I find that by blending it in with a foundation brush really helps, and the colour does settle down after a few minutes.
The nine ‘results’ that it is supposed to achieve are to prime, moisturise, minimise pores, conceal, cover, smooth, mattify, brighten and help protect (it’s spf 25). And after reading through that list I believe it almost does all of them! It works well to conceal, cover any imperfections and even out our skin tone. I also have really liked that it does brighten up my skin and makes me feel like I have a healthy glow. I haven’t really used it as a primer but I think I’d prefer to use a product that is specifically a primer.
Overall I’m sold on this BB cream and would definitely recommend it
*Im not sure how much this was but around $15-20 from Farmers and Kmart*
Mae x

MAX Factor ‘Pretty in Pink’


Maxfactor Max Effect nail polish in ‘Pretty in Pink’


I saw the new MaxFactor nail polishes in Famers a while a go and have been wanting to try them out for a while as they have some gorgeous colours. After work yesterday I popped in and found this little beauty ❤

It is in the mini range, which is only $10.50 so it’s a great deal! I really like the shade, it’s a nice nude-pink with a hint of coral which is perfect for summer (which is hopefully coming soon!) It has good coverage and only needs 1-2 coats, which is another bonus. Think I may have to go back and buy some more!

Mae xx

(p.s I painted my nails late at night in not so great lighting, which is why they are not painted the best!)

Has anyone else tried any of the MaxFactor nail polishes, what do you think?