Vo5 Refresh me Quick Dry Shampoo

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Vo5 Refresh me Quick Dry Shampoo
$9 from Countdown.

Dry shampoos are have made quite the buzz in the haircare scene, and especially in the bloggersphere. So of course, I’ve tried my fair share of them!

Like a lot of people, I’ve mainly stuck to the Batiste range but as I’m going to the UK later in the year I’ve become quite the ‘babe on a budget’ so I decided to try out Vo5’s dry shampoo as it was cheaper to start off it, and it was on special. Need I say more?

I’m super happy I decided to give this a go, it may just even be better than Batiste (did I just say that?!). In terms of giving greasy roots a pick me up, I think this product is just about on par with other dry shampoos. The only downside is that I feel it doesn’t last quite as long or you need a bit more product.

But the major bonus for me is that I reckon v05’s version doesn’t leave as much ‘whiteness’ in your hair -you know what I’m talking about! No one likes to look like a granny with white streaks, and many dry shampoos do this but I’ve found this not to be as much of a big deal when using V05. It can still happen, just not as much!

It smells delicious, maybe not quite as good as Batiste’s cherry one but if you’re after a cheaper dry shampoo I’d definitely give V05 ago!